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About Us

Clement & Associates has many years of professional CPA experience with a special focus on assisting businesses with QuickBooks®, providing income tax preparation and related services. Our clients come from all backgrounds and professions and from all over the United States.

Our service is a very personalized service and many of our clients have been with us for many years. We like to think that our growing client base is a validation of the level and quality of service that we offer.

QuickBooks® & Business Taxes:  Why Use Clement & Associates

Selecting a QuickBooks® ProAdvisor to help you manage or learn how to maximize the information QuickBooks® provides is key to running a successful business.   Both Steven Clement & Jeremy Craig have been named as Intuitive Accountant’s 2015 Top 100 ProAdvisors because of their enthusiasm in helping clients maximize their ability to use QuickBooks to provide key financial information on a timely basis.

We are Advanced ProAdvisors serving Los Angeles and surrounding cities with a key focus on QuickBooks® Accounting, which includes the Enterprise, as well as the Online versions.  We are uniquely qualified to assist new businesses in deciding which version of QuickBooks® will work best for their business and in assisting current QuickBooks® users in deciding when upgrading to the high end Enterprise version is best for them.

We focus through out the year on working with our business clients to maximize their taxes.  At the end of the year, we seamlessly integrate your QuickBooks® information into the preparation of your annual business tax return, whether a corporation, LLC, partnership or Schedule C.

If you would like to become more efficient in your business, we offer Quickbooks® training and consulting services.  Call us now to find out more about this.

Personal Tax Returns: Why Use Clement & Associates?

Selecting a Tax Accountant to prepare your personal tax return is one of the most important decisions you will make.  Having Clement & Associates involved in preparing your tax return means that you are sharing some very intimate details of your life with us.  You need to be certain that we are the right Tax Accountants for you.

First you want a Tax Accountant who understands that you want to save the most money possible and get the maximum deductions.

Second you want a Tax Accountant who becomes interested in you and your long-term success. Once you find the right accounting firm, you will likely stay with it for the rest of your career.

Together with its predecessor firm, Clement & Associates has a history of approximately forty years of outstanding service. A majority of our clients today have been with us over ten years and a sizable percentage over twenty years.

Our clients come from all walks of life. They are those who have a significant amount of employee business expenses, own rental properties, operate a business, or are involved in a partnership or corporation.

A key part of our success in working with personal tax returns is the thorough quality of our personal interviews. We sit down with you for 1-2 hours (more if needed) and when this interview is completed, we have a very detailed background of your deductions. It gives us a chance to ask you vital questions and for us to hear vital questions from you to us.

Our approach to the interview process allows us to evaluate as fully as possible all possible deductions. We do not consider ourselves as being extremely conservative. If you have expended a dollar for a business purpose, we will do our best to find a way to deduct it. No, we are not willing to allow our clients to pull numbers out of thin air, but on the other hand we understand that most Americans have a challenge keeping precise records, but with our encouragement often become better with keeping those records.

We do not pride ourselves in saying that we have no audits.  We do not enjoy them and try our best to keep them to a minimum.  In fact, for the type of returns we process, our audit rate is about one-half of normal.

If you are in need of tax preparation services, or need tax advice in connection with your business, whether sole proprietor, S-Corporation or LLC, we can help you. 

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